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Rafting and Kayaking

Prepare to conquer Bhutan's mighty rivers with white-water rafting and kayaking adventures that will challenge your skills and offer an exhilarating rush. Navigate through rapids and breathtaking gorges as you immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the surroundings.


Po Chhu: This is an adventurous whitewater rafting course filled with rapids that passes through breathtaking views, with the main attraction being Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this would be your chance to have it all in the 16 km (about 9.94 mi) course.

Mo Chhu: During this 10 km (about 6.21 mi) course, which takes about an hour and a half to complete, one can see different migratory birds, the royal palace and float on the lowest part of the valley with gentle rapids. Children too can raft in this area.

Paro Chhu: This course offers an exciting spot for whitewater rafting with a few warm-up rapids at the initial course and rough ones at the later stage. One can stop at the Iron Bridge at Tachog Lhakhang built by the Tibetan monk, Thangtong Gyalpo, also known as the “Iron Bridge Maker”, and admire the paintings inside the bridge towers.

Mangde Chhu: During this 5 km course, which takes about 2 hours to cover, this River provides a challenging rafting experience to professionals and adrenaline junkies and is not recommended for amateurs.

Kuri Chhu: A course amidst a scenic deep valley with a high ridge formed by the tributary of the Drangme Chhu, the largest river of Bhutan. Considered as one of the most unpredictable rivers, it courses through steep slopes with fast rapids and is perfect for your thirst for a real adventure

Wang Chhu: This is the tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra that flows through Bhutan and offers an amazing experience of rafting and kayaking on the riverbanks of Thimphu.

Puna Tshang Chhu: This is the longest river with the largest volume of water in the Western Central region of Bhutan and offers an unforgettable experience of spectacular scenery through the lush green valleys and fertile farmlands.

Drangme Chhu: This is Bhutan’s largest river and is known for its exceptionally frightful flow. The course begins in the eastern Himalayan outlands of Arunachal Pradesh and cuts into Bhutan in its prime stage. As a result, the river offers the best spots with enough volume and elevation for an amazing rafting experience.